The Challenge- Accepted (Part II)

The Project: Contuining from Part I, after accepting the challenge to make over my friend’s bedroom in Rs. 7,000… the results are finally out. The budget, which was the main criteria has been kept in check and achieved. We added a new door to the bedroom and a new glass pane to the broken door on the bookshelf, and yet, the budget did not overshoot – not including the labor charges (did not rise from the expected charges).

The whole project took a week to finish. We recycled as much as we could. What we recycled-

  • The glass panes from the old cupboard were cut and framed to make doors for the new horizontal cupboard.
  • One of the overhead cabinet door was broken and had been discarded long ago. So we used the one in the corner, and left the corner space open for decoration
  • The Formica on the old cupboard looked shabby. Formica cannot be removed. A general way to refurbish it is to stick Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) on top of the old formica and put up new Formica on it, or paint it. We did neither. To save MDF (made from wood) we decided to spray paint the old doors. Guess what… the results were awesome. Great matt finish to the new recycled doors – and Rs. 1,300 cheaper.

We had to buy some new items as there was not enough material we could reuse for the project. Total New Items Bought:

  • One 8 x 4 feet plywood – All the new furniture including cabinet doors, framing, and shelves has been made from just one ply.
  •  75 feet of skirting wood – We have more remaining which we are going to use for our other art projects.
  • One 7 x 4 feet plywood- This whole ply was used to make one door. We could not use the old door as it was more than 20 years old and had rotted from the inside. It was to be recycled as per our initial plan.
  • One 2 x 3 feet of glass pane – The old glass had broken such that we could not fix it. But we have found a new use to it. (which will revealed later)
  • Accessories (magnets, handles, paint)

Total Cost: Rs. 6, 660!!

The Challenge (Part I)

The Story: My dear friend, Swati and her husband stay in their grandma’s house. The house is about 20 years old and the furniture in it is about 15 years old. Although it was the “in” decor at that time, it now seemed like a house of cabinets and cupboards. Swati did not know what to do with it. It had a great sentimental value. So when she came over for a visit,she put me up to the challenge. To recover her 15 year old bedroom in less than Rs. 7,000. I accepted the challenge, even before I what I was getting into. It was something I had to immediately say yes to… didnt I? So well, I am working on the challenge right now, and the results? we’ll soon know!

Swati’s Bedroom: A 200 sft area with an iron cupboard, a 15 year old cupboard with sentimental value, a wall-to-wall  built in book cabinet with study area, and some built in over head cabinets. The accessories to this cabinet oriented room are- an old tv stand, a double bed and a laundry bag without a permanent place. Enormous amounts of paper too!

The initial: When I walked into Swati’s bedroom, books were on the floor, and the cupboards were broken. Swati’s jewelry stacked up the whole book case along with medical supplies. She could open a jewelry store and a pharmacy only with the stuff she had at home. And if that was well hidden, there were papers, all out, and everywhere. But we worked on it all…

Some of the initial photographs are here:

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The Beer Head


The Story: My house has always been a party place, with wine, beer, and whiskey being the main supplement for the evenings. Obviously, heaps of bottles, especially wine were collected. I converted them into the next best poison holder my friends love… beer!! The beer-loving buddies were more than happy to take these home, but, I have plenty more to give away.

The Product: The Beer Head is cut from used wine bottles, perfectly safe to be used. Each Beer Head is calculated and cut to contain 1 pint of beer. The handle of the Beer Head is made of steel which gives support to the glasses when held.

It is a great gift to give. The 6 inch high glasses are sold in sets of 2. Large orders of 4 and above (in multiples of 2) can be placed.

Please connect with me via email on or call on 9730623936.

NOTE: The Beer Head is strictly for use and not to be put in the showcase.

The Daisy Deck


The Story: I went to a friend’s house to help him with his plywood. As I walked to his floor, I noticed rusted iron shelves by the neighbor’s house. Kept in the hallway, it seemed like they wanted to throw it away. I waited for about a week and upon my inquires, they did want to discard it. The shelves were rusted but could be rescued. I asked him if I could help him refurbish it, but he had already replaced the stand. So I bought the stand for a small sum, and started to work on my vision.

I took home the shelves, and started to scrape the surface with thick and thin scraping papers.. Sure enough, the rust had reached about 2 layers deep inside, but it could be fixed. Scraping the the shelves for about a week with scraping paper and chemicals, the shelves were finally rust free and the redecorating began!

The Product: The Daisy Deck is a 4 shelved iron stand (Measurements: L x H x W: 3ft x 2.2 ft x 10 inches and weighs 12 kilograms). Made of good old iron and is great for garden/balcony use. You can simply put it by your patio,or you could shelve some small pretty pots on it. Refurbished, it is definitely a product that is reliable and will go a long way. The colors on the Daisy Deck are inspired from the 70s pattern, which suit the rack beautifully. Small and   large daises in combinations of colors, and hand painted on each shelf.
Please connect with me on email: or by phone: 9730623936, to come over and take a look. If you have similar shelves in wood or iron which may need refurbishing or updating, you can connect with me. Customized colors to suit your home decor is also available.