The Beer Head


The Story: My house has always been a party place, with wine, beer, and whiskey being the main supplement for the evenings. Obviously, heaps of bottles, especially wine were collected. I converted them into the next best poison holder my friends love… beer!! The beer-loving buddies were more than happy to take these home, but, I have plenty more to give away.

The Product: The Beer Head is cut from used wine bottles, perfectly safe to be used. Each Beer Head is calculated and cut to contain 1 pint of beer. The handle of the Beer Head is made of steel which gives support to the glasses when held.

It is a great gift to give. The 6 inch high glasses are sold in sets of 2. Large orders of 4 and above (in multiples of 2) can be placed.

Please connect with me via email on or call on 9730623936.

NOTE: The Beer Head is strictly for use and not to be put in the showcase.

2 thoughts on “The Beer Head

  1. Hi Shweta,Came aross ur blog thru Swati’s fb post.And i really love all your works.Kudos to you for caring about nature and recycling.And you are a lovely artist.Wish you luck in your venture.Good wishes.



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