The Challenge (Part I)

The Story: My dear friend, Swati and her husband stay in their grandma’s house. The house is about 20 years old and the furniture in it is about 15 years old. Although it was the “in” decor at that time, it now seemed like a house of cabinets and cupboards. Swati did not know what to do with it. It had a great sentimental value. So when she came over for a visit,she put me up to the challenge. To recover her 15 year old bedroom in less than Rs. 7,000. I accepted the challenge, even before I what I was getting into. It was something I had to immediately say yes to… didnt I? So well, I am working on the challenge right now, and the results? we’ll soon know!

Swati’s Bedroom: A 200 sft area with an iron cupboard, a 15 year old cupboard with sentimental value, a wall-to-wall  built in book cabinet with study area, and some built in over head cabinets. The accessories to this cabinet oriented room are- an old tv stand, a double bed and a laundry bag without a permanent place. Enormous amounts of paper too!

The initial: When I walked into Swati’s bedroom, books were on the floor, and the cupboards were broken. Swati’s jewelry stacked up the whole book case along with medical supplies. She could open a jewelry store and a pharmacy only with the stuff she had at home. And if that was well hidden, there were papers, all out, and everywhere. But we worked on it all…

Some of the initial photographs are here:

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