Customized Creations – 3

Birthdays, special days, messages, and memories…. they can all be collected in a series of lamps, designed for that special someone. All the lamps customized are from our clients to their best friends, or their loved ones, or some have even saved their favorite bottle of alcohol and have captured the memory when they relished. All lamps are in clip arts to bring out the child-like happiness to the experience.

1618418_676920635759209_2719597194599273006_nBy the Beach: From of our favorite client to his friends. This bottle of alcohol they rejoiced by the beach sunset in Europe. Capturing the memory in clip art.


Hum- Tum: For our client to his best friend, reminding her that he’ll always be by her side in spite of their constant arguments.


Workaholic : He gifted her this lamp so that she can put it at her desk at work to remind her of her workaholism, and that he misses her when she’s so busy.

11781733_793611177423487_6331516056047433982_n (1)

Happy Birthday Frith: What could be a best way to greet Happy Birthday to your beloved than saving up that expensive bottle of alcohol from the last birthday, and then converting it into a light for the next one. Romance MAX!!


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Customized Creations – 2

Our music lamps are made in yellow or orange. According to the science of colors, yellow is the color of happiness, and ofcourse, music is happiness. So, if you’re a musician, all you need to do, is pick up your guitar, and strum away to the notes. The notes on our lamps are playable notes with your favorite instrument.


Casablanca:  Simply put, Casablanca (the song) on guitar notes. Just plug, and strum to it on your guitar.

music - californicationHotel California: For an Eagles fan, to strum his favorite song in warm light

Customized Creations – 1

It has been an absolute blessing to have so many supporters and followers of our products. Did I mention that we love making customized lamps for our clients?? Personal, full of love, and oh! the happiness when they see their vision on a lamp, and then extend this happiness further to the one they’re gifting, or when they decorate their spaces with it! That is the true success of our mission, and I am happy to that we’re succeeding at it.

Since past 2 months we have been making a lot of customized lamps, and I want to share our creations with you.

Ok, I am going to be a little biased, and begin with my most favorite…

The Zen 11139450_754610877990184_2267580839268811974_nMusician:

From a beautiful wife, to her loving husband, on this birthday. A believer of zen, a music lover, and passionate about Glenfiddich whiskey, all combined to bring him a perfect lamp, with warm yellow lights to bask in during this lone time with his guitar, strumming his favorite tunes.

Only Love Love Love: 11011881_796917237092881_6885460591027712805_n

For our favorite French client who is in India for work while his love stays in France, and a gift he send to her to remind her of all the love he has for her, and how he misses her so dearly! This lamp has only hearts and reds to accentuate his love in his heart.

Happy 1510409146_776259152492023_3761282554513475408_n (1)th Anniversary:

For our client to her sister-in-law, to celebrate their 15th anniversary. A mix of patterns, inspired from our English Quilted collection, to represent a little bit of happiness, a little bit of fight, and a whole lot of love. Our clients says that she wants the lamp to be personalized with such brightness, because she wants to celebrate the joy of having a sister in her life. One of our favorite stories, definitely!

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