Customized Creations – 3

Birthdays, special days, messages, and memories…. they can all be collected in a series of lamps, designed for that special someone. All the lamps customized are from our clients to their best friends, or their loved ones, or some have even saved their favorite bottle of alcohol and have captured the memory when they relished. All lamps are in clip arts to bring out the child-like happiness to the experience.

1618418_676920635759209_2719597194599273006_nBy the Beach: From of our favorite client to his friends. This bottle of alcohol they rejoiced by the beach sunset in Europe. Capturing the memory in clip art.


Hum- Tum: For our client to his best friend, reminding her that he’ll always be by her side in spite of their constant arguments.


Workaholic : He gifted her this lamp so that she can put it at her desk at work to remind her of her workaholism, and that he misses her when she’s so busy.

11781733_793611177423487_6331516056047433982_n (1)

Happy Birthday Frith: What could be a best way to greet Happy Birthday to your beloved than saving up that expensive bottle of alcohol from the last birthday, and then converting it into a light for the next one. Romance MAX!!


How do you like our art work? Would you like one for your special someone as well? Or maybe just for yourself? Write at:, or

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