Basilica Patterns

The Basilicas were build in the ancient Roman civilization. Although they had absolutely no religious significance, they were primarily used to discuss economics and politics of the city, preceding and prayers followed in unity after long discussions. People gathered in these venues, along with priests and other ruling bodies to discuss important city rules and problems.

The buildings were made in stain glass, with photos of Jesus and other biblical people, because although this was not a religious place, the stain glass art ensured honesty – between both the commoners, the rulers, and the priests. The art was Catholic inspired. The architecture is magnificent, as it was during the historical times.

img_0123Although religious significance in general has reduced considerably worldwide, this art is still unique, which has inspired us to make our basilica inspired art.

The Basilica inspired art at ColorMeNew incorporates all the natural objects, such as the sun and the stars, in intricate patterns and varied colors, to give a miniature basilica experience, both when lit and unlit.

Originally inspired, only at ColorMeNew (for more designs, refer to our website:

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