Psychedelic Patterns

1479475818256Psychedelic art is generally an intricate play of patterns, with multiple colors in combination. Extremely pleasant to the eyes, they bring about soothing effects in any mood.

Psychedelic art generally means influenced under hallucinogenics. Having said that, hallucinogenics or not, this form of art is fluid, transient, and very emotional, bringing the core of your emotions to rise, and connecting with your soul.

Psychedelic art can be noted even in nature. The bark of a tree, or a cut slice of a branch, the exterior of a coconut, or even microscopic observation of a leaf, are all psychedelic art forms of nature.

Invented in the 1960s, during the hippie culture, this art has found its way into the digital era. Repetitive patterns of spirals and flowers, painted in intense colors, and trippy patterns and intricate designs.

At ColorMeNew, we have very efficiently incorporated these patterns by hand, to bring the desired psychedelic experience into your space. In a conglomerate of kaleidoscopic colors, in intricate patterns with symbols that mean much to the psychedelic world, and in built LED lights adding a glowing touch. Thus psychedelic patterns, only at ColorMeNew.

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Mandala Patterns

Mandala is the spiritual art in Hinduism and Buddhism. They represent the cosmos within us. The ancient Rig Vedas of the Hindus has spoken about Mandalas, further carried out to Buddhism. It is believed that patterns in circular and geometric shapes influence our personality and our spiritual being, inducing zen and trance within us. Radial spaces for the spiritual you!

In the quest to bring about zen in your lifestyle, at ColorMeNew, Mandalas are made in simple designs of spirituality with absolute positivity. Although the base of this art is on reused alcohol bottles, they are cleaned with salts to bring you the right meaning for your personal space. img_0773

Our mandalas are painted to primarily bring happiness, calm, and love. The colors used are base colors of green, brown, yellow and maroon – bringing earthy effect to this art. The soft LED lights add further to the grounding.

With an intention to bring you peace and coziness in your living space and to you, thus Mandala collection, only at ColorMeNew.

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