FengShui Patterns

The Chinese art of bringing prosperity and happiness at homes is knowns as FengShui. The Chinese believe that keeping certain symbols in positions that are in synchronized with your energies can bring you love, prosperity, money, peace, and calm. Feng-Shui is based on the play of 5 elements, of which we, at ColorMeNew, have chosen the 2 most important ones, – the wind, and the light.

collection8Although we have captured these elements of wind (or empty recycled bottles) and light (the LED strips), these have been cleansed with sacred salts to remove any negativity, and just bring you all the desired fengshui energies that you need.

FengShui symbols are in duality, and we have used twin lamps arrangement to bring you the right energies and effects. In colors of blue and red, that represent fire and water, recycled, cleansed, and personally hand painted symbols of this spiritual art – with added good energies is a must have for your personal positivity and space.

Carefully incorporated, added with positive vibes, in the known art of personal and spiritual growth, only from ColorMeNew. (for more designs, refer to our website: www.colormenew.com)

Sun Patterns

The harbinger of light, the keeper of warmth, and that which brings life to all living things on earth – the sun! The sun has been worshipped throughout the world since..forever, and it’s praise has been recorded in almost every civilization in the world. From2014-11-04 15.52.48 the times of the past, to the future of our civilizations, sun or solar has been knowns as the most useful.

For the most powerful source of energy on earth, the sun is definitely to be praised. It is said that bringing the sun home is a mark of strength and positivity, and that the light will forever shine at home. What could be more perfect that sun on a recycled bottle, painted personally for you, with LED lights to bring out the beauty of the sun.

In our Sun collection, we have incorporated all art of the Sun from the most powerful tribes including the celtic, the warli, the maori, and more. Bring the power of light home, to light up your space, and to experience the warmth in the art of the sun.

Sun lamps, from ColorMeNew, only for you! (for more designs, refer to our website: www.colormenew.com)

Ruined Patterns

Last year I traveled to Hampi, a place known for its ruins and beautiful architecture. I fell in love with the place because of its simplistic art inspired by nature and everything found naturally. Trying to incorporate these art into my recycled stuff has always been the desire, and now here for you.

The fascination with the ruins is that they represent a sort of nostalgia, a memory – a story from the past. The smutty unclean designs represent a sort of mystery in the backdrop. A combination of colors, with some hiding behind other colors represent the thoughts within us.

pouch2In my experience at Hampi, I could stare at the ruins forever, trying to process those deep hidden thoughts, and appreciate the spurt of colors hiding in visibility. I want to share this experience with you.

Although not on bottles, this art is used on recycled pouches. Very hippie, recycled from cardboards, feather-light and durable, these pouches can be used to hold your tobacco pouches and accessories, or even credit cards and money. A great accessory for your sustainable lifestyle, a must take home!

Originally inspired at ColorMeNew. (for more designs refer to our website: www.colormenew.com)

Hippie Patterns

The thing about a hippie lifestyle is that it is happy, elated, and fun in character. They have been influenced by basic colors of nature, and of course flowers! Although this art form is very close to psychedelic art, it is much cleaner with distinct colors. Hippie art represents love, and everything that inspires us to feel love,life, and personal freedom.

History has it, that hippie culture was a revolution that happened in t1460122_654335578017715_8205886311328163568_nhe west. They promoted a new way of living in love, peace, harmony, and personal freedom – and living in ways that promoted it all, including music and art. Most hippie art is about flowers in intricate patterns, and peace!!

Trying to incorporate this elevated vibe into our lamps, with all hippie designs, to bring out the joyous you! Light backdrop of beige, with happy flowers and artwork in pinks, yellows, and blues, in intricate designs, lighting up happily in soft LEDs, perfect for gifting happiness or as a night light for pleasant dreams, these lamps are a must have!!

Originally inspired at ColorMeNew (for more designs refer to our website: www.colormenew.com)