Hippie Patterns

The thing about a hippie lifestyle is that it is happy, elated, and fun in character. They have been influenced by basic colors of nature, and of course flowers! Although this art form is very close to psychedelic art, it is much cleaner with distinct colors. Hippie art represents love, and everything that inspires us to feel love,life, and personal freedom.

History has it, that hippie culture was a revolution that happened in t1460122_654335578017715_8205886311328163568_nhe west. They promoted a new way of living in love, peace, harmony, and personal freedom – and living in ways that promoted it all, including music and art. Most hippie art is about flowers in intricate patterns, and peace!!

Trying to incorporate this elevated vibe into our lamps, with all hippie designs, to bring out the joyous you! Light backdrop of beige, with happy flowers and artwork in pinks, yellows, and blues, in intricate designs, lighting up happily in soft LEDs, perfect for gifting happiness or as a night light for pleasant dreams, these lamps are a must have!!

Originally inspired at ColorMeNew (for more designs refer to our website: www.colormenew.com)

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