Ruined Patterns

Last year I traveled to Hampi, a place known for its ruins and beautiful architecture. I fell in love with the place because of its simplistic art inspired by nature and everything found naturally. Trying to incorporate these art into my recycled stuff has always been the desire, and now here for you.

The fascination with the ruins is that they represent a sort of nostalgia, a memory – a story from the past. The smutty unclean designs represent a sort of mystery in the backdrop. A combination of colors, with some hiding behind other colors represent the thoughts within us.

pouch2In my experience at Hampi, I could stare at the ruins forever, trying to process those deep hidden thoughts, and appreciate the spurt of colors hiding in visibility. I want to share this experience with you.

Although not on bottles, this art is used on recycled pouches. Very hippie, recycled from cardboards, feather-light and durable, these pouches can be used to hold your tobacco pouches and accessories, or even credit cards and money. A great accessory for your sustainable lifestyle, a must take home!

Originally inspired at ColorMeNew. (for more designs refer to our website:

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