Sun Patterns

The harbinger of light, the keeper of warmth, and that which brings life to all living things on earth – the sun! The sun has been worshipped throughout the world since..forever, and it’s praise has been recorded in almost every civilization in the world. From2014-11-04 15.52.48 the times of the past, to the future of our civilizations, sun or solar has been knowns as the most useful.

For the most powerful source of energy on earth, the sun is definitely to be praised. It is said that bringing the sun home is a mark of strength and positivity, and that the light will forever shine at home. What could be more perfect that sun on a recycled bottle, painted personally for you, with LED lights to bring out the beauty of the sun.

In our Sun collection, we have incorporated all art of the Sun from the most powerful tribes including the celtic, the warli, the maori, and more. Bring the power of light home, to light up your space, and to experience the warmth in the art of the sun.

Sun lamps, from ColorMeNew, only for you! (for more designs, refer to our website:

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