FengShui Patterns

The Chinese art of bringing prosperity and happiness at homes is knowns as FengShui. The Chinese believe that keeping certain symbols in positions that are in synchronized with your energies can bring you love, prosperity, money, peace, and calm. Feng-Shui is based on the play of 5 elements, of which we, at ColorMeNew, have chosen the 2 most important ones, – the wind, and the light.

collection8Although we have captured these elements of wind (or empty recycled bottles) and light (the LED strips), these have been cleansed with sacred salts to remove any negativity, and just bring you all the desired fengshui energies that you need.

FengShui symbols are in duality, and we have used twin lamps arrangement to bring you the right energies and effects. In colors of blue and red, that represent fire and water, recycled, cleansed, and personally hand painted symbols of this spiritual art – with added good energies is a must have for your personal positivity and space.

Carefully incorporated, added with positive vibes, in the known art of personal and spiritual growth, only from ColorMeNew. (for more designs, refer to our website: www.colormenew.com)

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