Sustainablity + Art + Everyday = ColorMeNew

that’s just in a nutshell!

¯Yes, it’s that time of our lives that we need to start recycling. The saddening stories about the death of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the fast melting Arctic Circle, and the amount of plastic found in the bottom of the ocean… are all the proof that recycling is the need of the hour.

It is equally awesome that we as a world with awareness (or a fad – call it whatever) are now being more aware and creating technology and lifestyle centered around sustainability. To find more awesome stuff happening around the world, please don’t forget to follow my Facebook page as: www.facebook.com/colormenew. We like to appreciate all that is happening towards preserving our earth.

As we objectively move towards a sustainable lifestyle, with respect to our shoes, jewelry, or even our clothes, and many other important issues like economic cars, and watching our carbon footprint, we must also look at every day things that we use in life. That is the motto of ColorMeNew.

At ColorMeNew, the fascination lies in using bottles that are not just pretty and decorative but also usable. That little painted bottle lit on the side table, or on your night stand, in pretty colors, the handprinted soap dispenser on the wash basin, and that candle holder burning your tealight candle from the base of a bottle, is our motto. Thus, Reuse, Recycle, Redecorate.

But we’re not just looking at sustainable products. At ColorMeNew, we want to add a twist to it… to make it pretty. Our designs, are handpainted, with each bottle painted to bring perfection to your pretty homes. The designs are inspired by tribal arts from around the globe… to represent that we have to go back in time, to save the future.

Tribal arts and patterns were ethnographic in nature – which means inspired by observation. They observed communities, nature, animals, etc. to bring meaning to their art. Tribal art connects to our soul in different ways – as is the agenda at ColorMeNew.

In this blog, I talk about different art forms that I have used, and I hope that you relate to them. Don’t forget to hit follow, for more….

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