FengShui Patterns

The Chinese art of bringing prosperity and happiness at homes is knowns as FengShui. The Chinese believe that keeping certain symbols in positions that are in synchronized with your energies can bring you love, prosperity, money, peace, and calm. Feng-Shui is based on the play of 5 elements, of which we, at ColorMeNew, have chosen the 2 most important ones, – the wind, and the light.

collection8Although we have captured these elements of wind (or empty recycled bottles) and light (the LED strips), these have been cleansed with sacred salts to remove any negativity, and just bring you all the desired fengshui energies that you need.

FengShui symbols are in duality, and we have used twin lamps arrangement to bring you the right energies and effects. In colors of blue and red, that represent fire and water, recycled, cleansed, and personally hand painted symbols of this spiritual art – with added good energies is a must have for your personal positivity and space.

Carefully incorporated, added with positive vibes, in the known art of personal and spiritual growth, only from ColorMeNew. (for more designs, refer to our website: www.colormenew.com)

Sun Patterns

The harbinger of light, the keeper of warmth, and that which brings life to all living things on earth – the sun! The sun has been worshipped throughout the world since..forever, and it’s praise has been recorded in almost every civilization in the world. From2014-11-04 15.52.48 the times of the past, to the future of our civilizations, sun or solar has been knowns as the most useful.

For the most powerful source of energy on earth, the sun is definitely to be praised. It is said that bringing the sun home is a mark of strength and positivity, and that the light will forever shine at home. What could be more perfect that sun on a recycled bottle, painted personally for you, with LED lights to bring out the beauty of the sun.

In our Sun collection, we have incorporated all art of the Sun from the most powerful tribes including the celtic, the warli, the maori, and more. Bring the power of light home, to light up your space, and to experience the warmth in the art of the sun.

Sun lamps, from ColorMeNew, only for you! (for more designs, refer to our website: www.colormenew.com)

Ruined Patterns

Last year I traveled to Hampi, a place known for its ruins and beautiful architecture. I fell in love with the place because of its simplistic art inspired by nature and everything found naturally. Trying to incorporate these art into my recycled stuff has always been the desire, and now here for you.

The fascination with the ruins is that they represent a sort of nostalgia, a memory – a story from the past. The smutty unclean designs represent a sort of mystery in the backdrop. A combination of colors, with some hiding behind other colors represent the thoughts within us.

pouch2In my experience at Hampi, I could stare at the ruins forever, trying to process those deep hidden thoughts, and appreciate the spurt of colors hiding in visibility. I want to share this experience with you.

Although not on bottles, this art is used on recycled pouches. Very hippie, recycled from cardboards, feather-light and durable, these pouches can be used to hold your tobacco pouches and accessories, or even credit cards and money. A great accessory for your sustainable lifestyle, a must take home!

Originally inspired at ColorMeNew. (for more designs refer to our website: www.colormenew.com)

Hippie Patterns

The thing about a hippie lifestyle is that it is happy, elated, and fun in character. They have been influenced by basic colors of nature, and of course flowers! Although this art form is very close to psychedelic art, it is much cleaner with distinct colors. Hippie art represents love, and everything that inspires us to feel love,life, and personal freedom.

History has it, that hippie culture was a revolution that happened in t1460122_654335578017715_8205886311328163568_nhe west. They promoted a new way of living in love, peace, harmony, and personal freedom – and living in ways that promoted it all, including music and art. Most hippie art is about flowers in intricate patterns, and peace!!

Trying to incorporate this elevated vibe into our lamps, with all hippie designs, to bring out the joyous you! Light backdrop of beige, with happy flowers and artwork in pinks, yellows, and blues, in intricate designs, lighting up happily in soft LEDs, perfect for gifting happiness or as a night light for pleasant dreams, these lamps are a must have!!

Originally inspired at ColorMeNew (for more designs refer to our website: www.colormenew.com)

Psychedelic Patterns

1479475818256Psychedelic art is generally an intricate play of patterns, with multiple colors in combination. Extremely pleasant to the eyes, they bring about soothing effects in any mood.

Psychedelic art generally means influenced under hallucinogenics. Having said that, hallucinogenics or not, this form of art is fluid, transient, and very emotional, bringing the core of your emotions to rise, and connecting with your soul.

Psychedelic art can be noted even in nature. The bark of a tree, or a cut slice of a branch, the exterior of a coconut, or even microscopic observation of a leaf, are all psychedelic art forms of nature.

Invented in the 1960s, during the hippie culture, this art has found its way into the digital era. Repetitive patterns of spirals and flowers, painted in intense colors, and trippy patterns and intricate designs.

At ColorMeNew, we have very efficiently incorporated these patterns by hand, to bring the desired psychedelic experience into your space. In a conglomerate of kaleidoscopic colors, in intricate patterns with symbols that mean much to the psychedelic world, and in built LED lights adding a glowing touch. Thus psychedelic patterns, only at ColorMeNew.

Originally inspired at ColorMeNew (for more of our designs, refer to our website www.colormenew.com)

Mandala Patterns

Mandala is the spiritual art in Hinduism and Buddhism. They represent the cosmos within us. The ancient Rig Vedas of the Hindus has spoken about Mandalas, further carried out to Buddhism. It is believed that patterns in circular and geometric shapes influence our personality and our spiritual being, inducing zen and trance within us. Radial spaces for the spiritual you!

In the quest to bring about zen in your lifestyle, at ColorMeNew, Mandalas are made in simple designs of spirituality with absolute positivity. Although the base of this art is on reused alcohol bottles, they are cleaned with salts to bring you the right meaning for your personal space. img_0773

Our mandalas are painted to primarily bring happiness, calm, and love. The colors used are base colors of green, brown, yellow and maroon – bringing earthy effect to this art. The soft LED lights add further to the grounding.

With an intention to bring you peace and coziness in your living space and to you, thus Mandala collection, only at ColorMeNew.

(for more designs, refer to our website: www.colormenew.com)

Basilica Patterns

The Basilicas were build in the ancient Roman civilization. Although they had absolutely no religious significance, they were primarily used to discuss economics and politics of the city, preceding and prayers followed in unity after long discussions. People gathered in these venues, along with priests and other ruling bodies to discuss important city rules and problems.

The buildings were made in stain glass, with photos of Jesus and other biblical people, because although this was not a religious place, the stain glass art ensured honesty – between both the commoners, the rulers, and the priests. The art was Catholic inspired. The architecture is magnificent, as it was during the historical times.

img_0123Although religious significance in general has reduced considerably worldwide, this art is still unique, which has inspired us to make our basilica inspired art.

The Basilica inspired art at ColorMeNew incorporates all the natural objects, such as the sun and the stars, in intricate patterns and varied colors, to give a miniature basilica experience, both when lit and unlit.

Originally inspired, only at ColorMeNew (for more designs, refer to our website: www.colormenew.com)

Egyptian Styled

Another art that has captured the attention of the world is the Egyptian art. Spiritual and symbolic in nature, the Egyptian art form is inspired by animals, birds and nature.

cmn42History has it that Egyptians used various metals and interesting color combinations to paint meanings on the tombs of the dead. Animals and spiritual beings generally were painted along with human figures (generally of the dead person) to bring them to an easy after life (or moksha).

The animals represented generally are the snake (for protection, loyalty, and reproduction), or the falcon (for success and prosperity), the cat (the keeper of after life), and other animals like the bull and the beetle. Symbols represent spiritual beings like the eye of Horous (or Ra), and the famous Ankh.

Although we don’t have to worry about those burried in the tombs, we can definitely get our protection and spirituality from the animals and symbols of the Egyptians. A dynasty so strong and advanced that we are still in awe of all their creations and connections to the beyond, keeping these symbols at home for their protection power is definitely a yes!

Keeping the consciousness of today’s environment, and the power of these symbols and artwork, a recycled lamp, hand- painted in power symbols, from ColorMeNew. To add to their spiritual strength, they come in plain colors of black and white, with a light to make them stronger.

Egyptian art, hand painted on recycled bottles, for your home and spirituality. Originally inspired only from ColorMeNew

(for more designs, refer to: www.colormenew.com)

Maori Patterns


Maori is the famous tribe from New Zealand. The only tribe known from the Down Under, Maoris are spiritual in nature. Their art forms are inspired to bring spiritual growth, protection, safety, and other spiritual purposes. The symbols are generally geometric in nature, with triangles and curves, on protection animals, most famous being the monkey, the bull, and the eagle.

Maori art has never faded away, and took it’s popularity in the tattoo world. Masks are made from wood, and bones are considered negative energy if placed in one position for a long time. To save the trees, and keep you away from bones, these Maori symbols are handprinted on recycled bottles. Eco friendly lights add the glow to bring in the essence of protection.

For those neo-spiritualists, we don’t need to find bones or etch our bodies to bring protection and spiritual growth in our lives. Maori designs are neatly and most accurately handprinted on ColorMeNew’s recycled bottles, to bring spirituality and protection to you. You can now light up your protection symbol to meditate and /or to connect with the world beyond.

Bring in the tribal spirituality in your personal space, only from ColorMeNew

(for more designs, refer to : www.colormenew.com)

Quilt Styled


Art forms are so magical, especially when they are inspired due to adversities. Like the quilts from the yesteryears came about in the New World (also known as industrial kickstart times) when migration to USA was rampant. As people migrated in large numbers, and due to shortage of textiles and warm clothes, the ladies of the house used all that they could find to put together cloth materials to keep their families warm. Thus, the innovation of the quilted patterns, which are now considered as collectible art forms even placed in museums.

The beauty of quilted art is that at first sight, they are warm to look at and colorful. Pretty little colorful patterns sewn together to jump under them and cozy up.

How about though, using this warm by your bedside, lit prettily at night keeping you in a good mood, and promising sweet dreams? A dream catcher on top of the bed can add to perfection.

Inspired by the brightness of this art and it’s history, it was so much fun to make this lamp fwitenglish quiltedfrom glass bottles.

A crazy mix of colors, all promising a gallant atmosphere, adding to that hint of “cozy” touch to your everyday living. Simplified in designs to bring in love, balance, and harmony. Cozy is definitely not restricted to just couches and quilts.

Handpainted, recycled, quilted patterns on glass bottles, only from ColorMeNew.

(for more designs, refer to www.colormenew.com)

Barcelona styled


I fell in love with Barcelona tile art when I was gifted a book on it by my mom, during her travels to Spain. The blast of colors, and the crazy combinations of designs was just mind-blowing, and I fell in love with this art form instantly.

The art of tiles was born in Barcelona. Mosaic and ceramic art was a big deal during the history times. Glazed tiles were invented in Barcelona. It was a form of art that was very much appreciated; so much so that different classes of society had different tiles to walk on. While the lower middle class of those times walked on simple bi-colored tiles, the elite and the priests had their own set of tiles which differed on the number of colors, and intricacy of patterns. Pretty flowers and abstract patterns, hand painted and glazed spread around the city.

Although mosaic art began back in 3500 BC in Mesopotamia, the Spanish somehow took to it and perfected it in ways that hasn’t changed to this day. After the fall of Spanish Empire many other cultures took to this art form in different materials like glass and ceramics, which can be found largely in Muslim Architecture and Roman infrastructure. These tiles are so beautifully made, that some are even preserved in museums of Europe.

Enough about history though, because although this art form is absolutely spectacular, and one of my personal favorites, glazing ceramic and using it in art form is now a lot of waste of earth and non-degradable POP. Having said that, this art form in all it’s colors can brighten any mood. So, why just put in under your feet when we can have it handpainted for you on sustainable ware that can light up and brighten your homes?

Thus, Barcelona inspired patterns, handpainted on recycled bottles.

Originally inspired, only at ColorMeNew

(for more, refer to website: www.colormenew.com)

Customized Creations – 3

Birthdays, special days, messages, and memories…. they can all be collected in a series of lamps, designed for that special someone. All the lamps customized are from our clients to their best friends, or their loved ones, or some have even saved their favorite bottle of alcohol and have captured the memory when they relished. All lamps are in clip arts to bring out the child-like happiness to the experience.

1618418_676920635759209_2719597194599273006_nBy the Beach: From of our favorite client to his friends. This bottle of alcohol they rejoiced by the beach sunset in Europe. Capturing the memory in clip art.


Hum- Tum: For our client to his best friend, reminding her that he’ll always be by her side in spite of their constant arguments.


Workaholic : He gifted her this lamp so that she can put it at her desk at work to remind her of her workaholism, and that he misses her when she’s so busy.

11781733_793611177423487_6331516056047433982_n (1)

Happy Birthday Frith: What could be a best way to greet Happy Birthday to your beloved than saving up that expensive bottle of alcohol from the last birthday, and then converting it into a light for the next one. Romance MAX!!


How do you like our art work? Would you like one for your special someone as well? Or maybe just for yourself? Write at:  shweta.cmn@gmail.com, or http://www.colormenew.com

Customized Creations – 2

Our music lamps are made in yellow or orange. According to the science of colors, yellow is the color of happiness, and ofcourse, music is happiness. So, if you’re a musician, all you need to do, is pick up your guitar, and strum away to the notes. The notes on our lamps are playable notes with your favorite instrument.


Casablanca:  Simply put, Casablanca (the song) on guitar notes. Just plug, and strum to it on your guitar.

music - californicationHotel California: For an Eagles fan, to strum his favorite song in warm light

Customized Creations – 1

It has been an absolute blessing to have so many supporters and followers of our products. Did I mention that we love making customized lamps for our clients?? Personal, full of love, and oh! the happiness when they see their vision on a lamp, and then extend this happiness further to the one they’re gifting, or when they decorate their spaces with it! That is the true success of our mission, and I am happy to that we’re succeeding at it.

Since past 2 months we have been making a lot of customized lamps, and I want to share our creations with you.

Ok, I am going to be a little biased, and begin with my most favorite…

The Zen 11139450_754610877990184_2267580839268811974_nMusician:

From a beautiful wife, to her loving husband, on this birthday. A believer of zen, a music lover, and passionate about Glenfiddich whiskey, all combined to bring him a perfect lamp, with warm yellow lights to bask in during this lone time with his guitar, strumming his favorite tunes.

Only Love Love Love: 11011881_796917237092881_6885460591027712805_n

For our favorite French client who is in India for work while his love stays in France, and a gift he send to her to remind her of all the love he has for her, and how he misses her so dearly! This lamp has only hearts and reds to accentuate his love in his heart.

Happy 1510409146_776259152492023_3761282554513475408_n (1)th Anniversary:

For our client to her sister-in-law, to celebrate their 15th anniversary. A mix of patterns, inspired from our English Quilted collection, to represent a little bit of happiness, a little bit of fight, and a whole lot of love. Our clients says that she wants the lamp to be personalized with such brightness, because she wants to celebrate the joy of having a sister in her life. One of our favorite stories, definitely!

For your customized moments to share with your loved ones, fell free to call us  on 9730623936 or email us here or just drop in a line on our Facebook page

Reuse, Recycle, Redecorate- Plastic!! Originally Inspired 2!!

So, plastic recycling has been on my mind since a while, and this is my 2nd project in recycling plastic. In my previous blog, I tried to recycled soda plastic bottles to make some curtains, in black and white, and colored!

Let me tell you, it was tedious, cutting all the plastic and linking it up, but I had fun with it!!

My 2nd plastic pplastic wallroject are the colorfully painted, and tried together plastic bottles with lights. These are not LED lights so they can be hung anywhere, and attached directly to the existing electrical point.

The best part about this product, is the mood light it creates. I am an absolute shadows and reflections person, and this lights is a guaranteed mood setter.

Colors used are reds, yellows, greens, and blues. The length of the entire project is 6 feet so it can be hung directly from the ceiling.

It comes in 4 different color combinations – basic colors (red, yellow, green), black and white, plain jane (blue and white) and uni colors.

For more information, write to us at shweta.cmn@gmail.com

Do share your plastic DIYs, if any!

Reuse, Recycle, Redecorate – Plastic!! Originally inspired!

In my previous blog, I shared a photo of a lady who converted her entire house exterior into a fabulous hippie design using plastic bottle caps and nails! So classic!

Using her art as inspiration, I made my own plastic home decoration. Simple yet hippie, I made some divider curtains out of plastic bottles. Find picture below:

For some reason2015-06-28 23.08.44, I love black and white as a combination for dividers. I think they add such an oomph to the existing walls. My house has bright colorful walls in new leaf green, eggplant purple, and prussian blue. So this combination was an absolute hit!! I will try and post more pictures.

You can use oil paint or lacquer paint for this. I used transparent pet bottles so as to get the absolute black and white effect, which failed somewhat in the green sprite bottles.

The best part of these curtains is that they are reused plastic, so definitely light, easy to clean, easy to hang, and the sunlight makes this whole arrangement glow beautifully!

I would be delighted to make you a collection, with colors of your choice!  We take international orders, so if you are in the far West, we can still ship them to you!

Do let me know how you liked these! Your feedback is absolutely awaited. Also, if you have any of your own plastic recycled decor, do share in the comments section.

Dont forget to check out more of our stuff on our Facebook page or on our website.

Reuse, Recycle, Redecorate

Twin Table Lamp

Wires, wires everywhere! I am not very fond of electrical wires/cables especially long ones which linger about on the floor. Keeping this idea in mind, is my next table lamp. Adjustable and unique, the Twin Table Lamp! Stability (blue) and Peace (green), in flowing patterns, perfect for soft study table light. Mounted on reused wood box  perfectly hiding the electric wire, and adding panache to your decor.


Old legs on a stray ply

The good old sofa in the drawing room was starting to lose it’s legs. Old yet fully functional, it is a 3 pieces standing on steel legs. The legs were, however, dying! Instead of fixing them over and over again, I decided it is best to put them to ease. So, I ripped them away. The sofa looked really great without them! I could relate to throw the good stell away,so were put to a better use. Legs are meant to hold weight and that is exactly what they were re-recruited Rummaging through the pile of discarded pieces of ply, I found 2 perfect pieces that could be used to give the right base to let these sturdy legs do their job. They can now be used as clothes/ purse/ belt hangers. Pictures as- Image. Image

The 2 hangers that can be used in the bedroom or at the entrance to hang scarves, purses, belts, umbrellas or just traditionally clothes. They have been created to not just be used for their task but also provide aesthetic sense to the room as wall art. Geometric shapes and bright colors, they will be a great addition to your room. Customization and shipping available.

Get in touch with us at shweta.cmn@gmail.com or by phone on 9730623936. Dont forget to check out our upcoming new website

The Challenge- Accepted (Part II)

The Project: Contuining from Part I, after accepting the challenge to make over my friend’s bedroom in Rs. 7,000… the results are finally out. The budget, which was the main criteria has been kept in check and achieved. We added a new door to the bedroom and a new glass pane to the broken door on the bookshelf, and yet, the budget did not overshoot – not including the labor charges (did not rise from the expected charges).

The whole project took a week to finish. We recycled as much as we could. What we recycled-

  • The glass panes from the old cupboard were cut and framed to make doors for the new horizontal cupboard.
  • One of the overhead cabinet door was broken and had been discarded long ago. So we used the one in the corner, and left the corner space open for decoration
  • The Formica on the old cupboard looked shabby. Formica cannot be removed. A general way to refurbish it is to stick Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) on top of the old formica and put up new Formica on it, or paint it. We did neither. To save MDF (made from wood) we decided to spray paint the old doors. Guess what… the results were awesome. Great matt finish to the new recycled doors – and Rs. 1,300 cheaper.

We had to buy some new items as there was not enough material we could reuse for the project. Total New Items Bought:

  • One 8 x 4 feet plywood – All the new furniture including cabinet doors, framing, and shelves has been made from just one ply.
  •  75 feet of skirting wood – We have more remaining which we are going to use for our other art projects.
  • One 7 x 4 feet plywood- This whole ply was used to make one door. We could not use the old door as it was more than 20 years old and had rotted from the inside. It was to be recycled as per our initial plan.
  • One 2 x 3 feet of glass pane – The old glass had broken such that we could not fix it. But we have found a new use to it. (which will revealed later)
  • Accessories (magnets, handles, paint)

Total Cost: Rs. 6, 660!!

The Challenge (Part I)

The Story: My dear friend, Swati and her husband stay in their grandma’s house. The house is about 20 years old and the furniture in it is about 15 years old. Although it was the “in” decor at that time, it now seemed like a house of cabinets and cupboards. Swati did not know what to do with it. It had a great sentimental value. So when she came over for a visit,she put me up to the challenge. To recover her 15 year old bedroom in less than Rs. 7,000. I accepted the challenge, even before I what I was getting into. It was something I had to immediately say yes to… didnt I? So well, I am working on the challenge right now, and the results? we’ll soon know!

Swati’s Bedroom: A 200 sft area with an iron cupboard, a 15 year old cupboard with sentimental value, a wall-to-wall  built in book cabinet with study area, and some built in over head cabinets. The accessories to this cabinet oriented room are- an old tv stand, a double bed and a laundry bag without a permanent place. Enormous amounts of paper too!

The initial: When I walked into Swati’s bedroom, books were on the floor, and the cupboards were broken. Swati’s jewelry stacked up the whole book case along with medical supplies. She could open a jewelry store and a pharmacy only with the stuff she had at home. And if that was well hidden, there were papers, all out, and everywhere. But we worked on it all…

Some of the initial photographs are here:

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