The Daisy Deck


The Story: I went to a friend’s house to help him with his plywood. As I walked to his floor, I noticed rusted iron shelves by the neighbor’s house. Kept in the hallway, it seemed like they wanted to throw it away. I waited for about a week and upon my inquires, they did want to discard it. The shelves were rusted but could be rescued. I asked him if I could help him refurbish it, but he had already replaced the stand. So I bought the stand for a small sum, and started to work on my vision.

I took home the shelves, and started to scrape the surface with thick and thin scraping papers.. Sure enough, the rust had reached about 2 layers deep inside, but it could be fixed. Scraping the the shelves for about a week with scraping paper and chemicals, the shelves were finally rust free and the redecorating began!

The Product: The Daisy Deck is a 4 shelved iron stand (Measurements: L x H x W: 3ft x 2.2 ft x 10 inches and weighs 12 kilograms). Made of good old iron and is great for garden/balcony use. You can simply put it by your patio,or you could shelve some small pretty pots on it. Refurbished, it is definitely a product that is reliable and will go a long way. The colors on the Daisy Deck are inspired from the 70s pattern, which suit the rack beautifully. Small and   large daises in combinations of colors, and hand painted on each shelf.
Please connect with me on email: or by phone: 9730623936, to come over and take a look. If you have similar shelves in wood or iron which may need refurbishing or updating, you can connect with me. Customized colors to suit your home decor is also available.